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Do you want to stay a few days in the City of Bridges? Book your accommodation in casas particulares in Matanzas and enjoy all that it has to offer. Cultural history is the main attraction, but there is more, learn about it in Bed and Breakfast in Cuba.

Some history about Matanzas

Founded in 1693 Matanzas is the capital city of the province with the same name. It is located at Cuba shore, at the east of the Havana The main activity in the city during the colonial era was sugar plantations and this led to a high growth of the slave population that came from Africa.

As a result, the heritage and African traditions are a reference in this city. Cuban traditions owe a lot to this region. Two of the main music genres were born in Matanzas: the rumba and the danzon. The last one is the official music genre of Cuba.

The Bay of Matanzas witnessed some important historical events such as the bombing of the United States in 1898, and several slave insurrections.

Origins of the name Matanzas

One of those events gave the name to the province. Matanzas is the Spanish word for massacre.

The specific event was the attempt by Spanish soldiers to kill an aboriginal group that lived in the region.

To get to them they needed to cross a river, and they asked a fisherman to take them. He accepted, but while they were on the way he overturned the boat. The soldiers died and there were only two survivors.

Others names that receive the city of Matanzas are City of Bridges and the Venice of Cuba. The reason is that has 17 bridges that cross the three rivers around the city.

What to expect

It is not such a big city, but it has very interesting places to visit. And the surroundings are also valuable. Travelers can reach some main natural attraction from Varadero, but the best way to know this area is booking an accommodation in Matanzas and taking time to know its people.

Its two main plazas are El Vigia and Libertad, and they are close to each other. You can learn a lot about the city and its people walking around the city.

There are three rivers that go into the city, these are Rio Yumuri, San Juan, and Canimar. All of them have great influence on the geography and history of Matanzas.

Among the attractions of the city is a legacy of music and poets that have enriched Cuban culture.

Casas Particulares in Matanzas

In Matanzas, you will find several casas particulares to stay a few days. Booking a room in this kind of accommodation is the best way to know the city. Your host will teach you about the Cuban culture, and they’ll help you to find the best places to visit in the city. 

Some places you must visit in Matanzas are:

  • Castillo San Severino.
  • Teatro Sauto
  • Museo Farmaceutico.
  • Catedral de San Carlos Borromeo.
  • Valle del Yumirí.
  • If you go in October don’t miss the Festival del Bailador Rumbero.

Are you ready to book in casas particulares in Matanzas? Contact us to find the best place for you.

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8 Avis
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6 Avis
Villa Costa AzulVilla Costa Azul
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Hostal Sagrada FamiliaHostal Sagrada Familia
Prix à partir de: 16.50 CUC
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Hostal FratóHostal Frató
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Casa Tania y RichardCasa Tania y Richard
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Villa Plata TropicalVilla Plata Tropical
Prix à partir de: 18.00 CUC
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